Day 11

here’s what i did in the last 10 days:

it’s worth noting i didn’t do this all at once. my first day of study was no more than 25 minutes. the next day, i read the Fluent Forever book for a few hours but spent just 30 more minutes studying Korean.

by the 3rd day and 4th day i dedicated more time, but was primarily making flash cards (~150 total) in Anki vs actually studying. on those days i mostly played with Duolingo.

on the 5th to 9th days i watched a lot of videos on YouTube about language learning, and only for the past few days have i been studying over 1 hour per day.

my goal is 2 hours of study per day, and to reach ~700 memorized vocabulary words within the next 60 days before embarking on grammar and a tutor via italki.

oh. i also launched a Twitter.