Day 18

according to my real-time vocabulary i’ve learned 176 words and 5 verbs.

i’m bearish on Duolingo teaching fluency but just discovered one benefit of using the web version (vs iPhone)… turning off the word bank.

since i’ve been practicing my typing skills with Hangul Attack, i can now [slowly] type out words and short sentences without using a keyboard helper.

my current lesson plan looks like this:

  • morning: Anki flash cards (12 new words), 1-2 rounds of Hangul Attack
  • afternoon: Duolingo (10-20 minutes) and “filtered” Anki deck with 100 is:review cards
  • evening: typing the words i learned into a spreadsheet (5-10 mins), Duolingo (20-30 mins)

still figuring out how to feasibly spend 3-4 hours /day on Korean without the knowledge leaking out of my ears.