Building a lesson plan

language acquisitions is the most memory-intensive form of learning i’ve ever experienced.

while learning to code, for example, it never felt like “memorizing,” just adopting new logic paradigms and learning how to learn.

this all changed when i started making flash cards. for my first couple days of study i limited myself to 6 new words, then 7, now 12. luckily, Korean has a lot of “Konglish” terms:

  • bus → 버스
  • coat → 코트
  • restaurant → 레스토랑

whenever i get a “fake” word in my daily deck, i’m relieved. whenever i get a color… i turn 빨간.

one thing i keep hearing on YouTube videos about language acquisition, is that to do it effectively you need to make it personal and you need to make it fun.

i’ll add a third variable to this strategy: you need to make it diverse.

if i studied vocab all day, sure, i might hit my 700-1,000 word goal sooner. but it’s also exhausting to flip through 100s of flash cards.

to practice diversity in my studies i’m opting instead for:

  • vocabulary – 30 minutes /day
  • typing – 10-15 mins /day
  • grammar – 10-15 mins /day
  • listening – 20-30 mins /day
  • reading – 10-10 mins /day

approaching my journey by channel means i can “dabble” in Korean throughout the day, using different apps but also documenting key learning (in English + Korean) in my physical notebook.

we’ll see how my lesson plan evolves over time.